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  • Learning APP

    Learners India's Learning App -

    Building Strong Foundations for excelling in Board Exams and winning Entrance Exams

    Maths, Phy, Che, Bio & Computer - Class 8- 12 ( CBSE / Kerala State )

    • Enable you to Learn the portions self.
    • Get support in practicing all questions from the Textbook, Previous years & Higher Order.
    • Know your suggested Learning Schedule and track your progress.
    • Clarify your doubts through Mentors.
    • Develop a foundation for any entrance exams in the future.

    "Preparing for any entrance exam is different from preparing for board exams. In board exams, you are tested on how much you have learned, whereas in entrance exams, the key lies in your skill to answer quickly and correctly."

    • The Smart Preparation Method

    • "Learn your portions through our app and your school classroom. Then, select the corresponding portion in the app and take the topic-wise MOCK test. Review your result and learn effective techniques for answering quickly from the explanations provided. Identify your strong and weak topics. Further enhance your learning by practicing through the app. Progress to higher-level tests and seek clarification from mentors for any doubts. Ensure to attend basic, intermediate, and advanced level MOCK tests for each topic. Finally, take full MOCK tests and focus on practicing further in areas where you need improvement."
    • You are now exposed with all the probable questions and naturally ready for the exam
  • Kerala PSC

    "The Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) is the largest employer in Kerala, attracting a significant number of candidates who appear for its various exams every year. Each exam has a specific format and syllabus, requiring dedicated preparation for success."

    • Win smartly with Reverse learning

    • "The PSC exam syllabus covers portions from class 5 onwards until the current affairs occurring a few days before the exam. An estimated more than 500 topics need to be learned to effectively prepare for the exam. Therefore, the best method of learning for PSC exam is to identify the strong and weak portions by attending MOCK tests throughout your study. My Mentor app is a Smart MOCK test app that provides topic-wise, previous exam-wise, and future test-wise MOCK tests, along with focus area analysis. Candidates can compete with their peers, assess their level of preparation, and predict their ranks before their actual exam. The app also provides specific learning materials for relevant topics."
  • Career Mentoring

    • The development of AI and other technologies is disrupting the careers as we know them today. Updated knowledge and expert guidance are absolutely necessary to identify the most suitable career based on one's own aptitude and interests.
    • Career mentoring is a long-term mentoring program offered to students from class 8 onwards. It provides them (and their parents) with all the necessary updates on various career options and helps identify their aptitude through scientifically proven tests. The system also exposes them to "virtual internships" in various career options, aiding them in identifying their most suitable career path."