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Why Choose Us ?

Our features

Why Choose Us ?

Our features
  • Schedule based learning support
  • Interactive video classes
  • One to one doubt clearance
  • Whole textbook exercises covered with explanation
  • Additional & Previous Year Questions
  • Customized assignments from expert teachers
  • MCQs and Sample Papers to test your progress

What do we provide ?

Our products
  • Learning App

    Exclusive learning platform for CBSE & Kerala State Board students from classes 8 to 12


    Smart Mock Tests for higher ranks in entrance examinations

  • Kerala PSC

    Unlimited mock tests covering various topics from Kerala PSC exams

  • Career Mentoring

    Discover the most suitable career for your child in a systematic and stress free way

Demo Classes

Our Learning Principle - Flipped Classroom

"Learn at Home & Practice at School"

Don't just be a "Listener" in your class - but be a "Learner"

Conventional classrooms make the teacher "teach" the new topic in class, and students listen to the same and learn at their homes. Learning progress differs with every student.

In a flipped classroom, the learning materials are given to the students earlier, and they are encouraged to learn and attend the class later.

Learners India will share concept videos, solutions for exercise questions, worksheets, MCQ exams, model exams, etc., with students for them to learn and practice before their school class.

As the students are already introduced to the topic, the class will become like a revision and doubt clarification session only. The teacher can give individual attention to every student and can focus on doing more practice in less time.

The students will be interacting more and will actually be learning instead of just listening as it happens in conventional classes.

Our Happy Customers

" Watching the videos in the app before attending school makes learning in class incredibly easy and interesting."

Anu Simon, Student

Class 10, CBSE

" I missed a few classes , but I can now make up easily "

Rijith T, Student

Class 12, CBSE

" I can cover more portions now with lesser time "

Reena, Teacher

Class 8-10, CBSE

" Now I can track my son's actual progress in studies and provide him with the necessary support, thanks to the flipped classroom approach "

Sindhu, Parent

Bank officer