Cancellation & Refund Policy

The cancellation policy refers to the cancellation of services offered to the customer through Learners India website and its application related services. All the services, packages and their features availed by LearnersIndia platform are offered for one year and are to be renewed by the user every following year. There is no trial period available for any of the services or packages offered by the platform. All the services are paid. The sample videos availed in the website are intended for demonstration purpose only and shall not be treated as package or a paid service. The user is expected to renew the package either to continue, change or upgrade existing plan, 15 days prior to the expiry of the current plan. Once the one year plan expires and renewal of package is not performed, the user is restricted to use any of the service features availed by LearnersIndia through the existing package and account is automatically suspended. The user can cancel the plan registered at anytime.User plan cancellation is feasible only after the confirmation of account registration of the individual by LearnersIndia through means mentioned by us. There shall be no refund available for any cancellation of services performed by the customer. De-registration of Account with LearnersIndia needs to be contacted separately through mail or by the user assistance number provided in the website. Once your account is verified by us, your user account shall be deregistered.