New Challenges in Education: Traditional Vs Online

28 May 2021


Advantages of Online Education


Education is the prime part of every person. Education light up and uplifts a person from layman to elite. Learners India is the best math learning website understanding the value and changing the face.......

Education is the prime part of every person. Education light up and uplifts a person from layman to elite. Learners India is the learning tool for understanding the value and changing face of education style. Therefore, today Learners India talks over and analyzes the differentiation between traditional and new age’s online classes.



Now we are living in a digital world. Our all sector became digital, likewise our education system. Though, the education sector moved slowly comparatively another field. Only three changes had happened from Vedic time to around 2000. That was, education style changed from gurukul to classroom. The second one, few classrooms get digital projectors. Think how much slow and backward was our education system? After 2000, the Indian education field started to grow from conventional to digital. That made a great boom in the education field. Thus some people don’t have a clear idea about online educations yet. Let us check the clear picture of online education with the comparison of the traditional system.


The defects of our conventional education are age limit, an immense amount of fees, space, limited courses, etc. But, in online education, a passionate mind for study or the Passionate mind of an education explorer is the only eligibility. Professionals, peoples, degree-holders are the prime beneficiaries of online education. They can have continued their breaking journey easily through online classes.



Education is the price point for the success of students. A teacher in a class can give a good level of education. But teachers cannot be given it to every student in a class. However, online education can serve knowledge on equal concern to everyone. And the thing is, the student can escape from the boring classroom atmosphere.


In the conventional education system, we have lots of obstacles. One of the drawbacks is course unavailability.  So they are still following some courses for a long year in the new changing world, like Homosapien in a digital world. But online classes are digital, so education in the world is available at your fingertip. You can choose and study through video classes and digital texts.

Cost of Study:

The cost of the study is an obstacle in the conventional education system. Due to the high expense, many penury students couldn’t get the proper education.  Is this acceptable for a good society? New age’s these online classes such helping for lots of middle class and destitution students. They can achieve their dreams at a low cost.


Age Limitation:

We know many professionals or senior citizens wish to continue their broken studies. There will be less probability for learning in conventional education, but online classes provide it. Everyone can learn through online education at any age as well any courses. 

These are the advantages of Online Education. Here, Learners India provides model question papers and answers as related.