How to reduce workload of Teachers by teaching online?

28 May 2021


Many of us have to move quickly to the online mode of teaching. (if you still think about then we are here to help). Once you have your technology in place, take a deep breath. Teaching online requires different types of interactions with students. Learners India has simplified that task using various steps


Academic Functions


• Create course content based on your syllabus


• Store, retrieve, use it any time in your entire career


• Teach with recorded Audio, Video content


• Manage Homework efficiently


• Conduct Practice /MOCK examinations regularly at ease


• Conduct Online Examination and evaluations effortlessly


• Create and share higher-order study materials


• Create and manage school’s own Digital Library


• Manage syllabus to suit best to your academic goals Remote Teaching


• Schedule webinars with students • Integrate all popular webinar systems • Manage Online class effectively with our unique features • Manage Extra Classes anytime Extra-Curricular • Carry out intra -school and inter-school extracurricular competitions


• Create a network of teachers to share academic resources


• Build a social network for teachers and parents to share contents of interest


• Get updated with news feeds Mentoring for Students


• Extra Academic support for students who need special attention


• Career Mentoring for all students to plan their overall development


• Extra-Curricular support for students for their overall development



• Emotional support and psychological mentoring for your students’ holistic development.


Live Monitoring


• Principal DashBoard for an overview of the school’s activities


• Get an overview of students’ Performance records.


• Benefit from the key indicators available to the Principal for arriving at prompt decision and action.


 • Oversee the academic content created by Teachers.


School ERP Solutions


• Lesson Plan Management • Schedule/Time Table Management


• Circular/Announcement Management • PTA Management


• Report Card Management • School Bus Tracking Management


• Online Fees Management


• Fees Paid Status and reminders


Instant Messaging


• Enjoy a private and secure multimedia messaging system within the members of your school.


• Robust, Instant, Private and secure communication between the Teachers; between the teachers and parents; between the teachers and parents. These are the various steps for teaching online. Here, Learners India provides model question papers and answers as related.


These are the various steps for teaching online. Here, Learners India provides model question papers and answers as related.