Tips to Solve NCERT Class 9 Math's Questions

07 July 2021


Maths is a dreaded subject for most of the students. With the imminent pressure of the Board exams Class 9 students who are not very comfortable with Maths, making available some easy tips that help them appear for Maths Exam will be desirable. Though NCERT syllabus offers solutions to the problems, some clues to help you perform better will be the icing on the cake so that you don't have to fall back on solutions already made available. We are happy to share some tips and tricks with you, related to NCERT standard class maths without solutions that will make the concepts clear and studies meaningful. The same trick's can't be applied in every chapter for the simple reason that different logic and Formulae have been applied in them. We have compiled a chapter wise list of tricks for you to comprehend better:

Number System

You have to learn the definitions by rote and practise the rational and irrational numbers as many times as possible.


Once you grasp the definitions comfortably, you will understand this chapter easily. Read the various types of polynomials, their coefficient and degrees well.

Coordinate Geometry

Practise the Cartesian plane, the Graph and the applications only from the NCERT book and that will be good enough.

Linear Equation in Two Variables

For this chapter, practice solving equations and making graphs; only then, you will have a better understanding of linear equation in two variables.

Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

Simply learn the theories, axioms and postulates along with the basic applications of them.

Lines and Angles

The trick here is practising the angles and the application of theorems to solve the questions.


Learn the types and properties of the triangle from this chapter and apply them in the practice tests. This will make you knowledgeable about this chapter.


Learning the types and properties of quadrilaterals is the key.

Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

Learn the different formulas for deriving the areas of different types of parallelograms and triangles and their applications- you will have a better control on this chapter.


Here again, the theorems and properties of circles are where the trick lies. Learning and memorising them is the key.


This topic, not being a theory-based one you need to practice by actually drawing and making angles and triangles of different types.

Heron’s Formula

Learn the formula and its applications and find the area of any triangle or quadrilaterals. This is the only trick for this chapter.

Surface Area and Volumes

Learn and memorise the formulae for calculating the volume and area of spheres, cones, cuboids, cubes and cylinders.


This is one of the easiest topics in Class 9 Maths. Simply keep in mind the data collection and representation methods and you are done with it.


You will come across 4-5 questions from this chapter. Thus the formulas need to be well memorised.

We have brought together the basic tips and tricks for every chapter of CBSE Class 9 Maths for you. Remember them and apply when you sit to solve the numerical problems. But bear one thing in mind, for Maths, practice make one perfect. The more the practice the more the confidence you attain. Needless to say cover the whole syllabus and practise each topic in a systematic way. That is the Mantra to solve the questions even without the help of any solution.