What are the Salient Features of Different Educational Boards?

10 June 2021


Giving your child the best education is one of the challenges that are concomitant with being a parent. Choosing the right education board between ICSE vs CBSE for your child takes up the slot in the list of parenting dilemmas. Parents are grappled with several questions when it comes to ensuring the right education for their child.

The problems that surface every parent's thought process when it comes to starting their child's academic journey. India has more than a million schools, with a significant percentage of them lacking quality education and adequate resources in that CBSE schools. Children are the future of the world, and parents and their custodians. Parents are entrusted with the responsibility of rising educated and mindful citizens.

Choosing the education board that is right for your child can help nurture young minds to become progressive global citizens who can contribute towards the development and growth of the world.

The Indian education system offers national and state-level education boards that cater to the educational needs of the country